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A Special Carnival Ball

Mardi Gras season brings parades, fun and celebrations. Carnival balls are one of the big ways clubs host wonderful parties. One special Carnival ball is celebrating its third Mardi Gras season in St. Tammany. This ball is for the special

Open House At Bayou Gardens

St. Tammany is beautiful in the spring and the Bayou Gardens in Lacombe is the perfect place to enjoy nature’s beauty. The 10th annual Bayou Gardens Open House centered around camellias but also featured many interesting plants, naturscaping and wildlife.

Mortgage Applications Hit A High Third Week In A Row

Lower mortgage rates have helped with the average loan size which hit a record for the third week in a row. The size reaching $327,500 is just one of the benefits homeowners and potential homeowners will see. Total mortgage loan

The Quaint Village of Folsom To Get A Face Lift

Folsom is a quaint village located close to the city of New Orleans. Located just 12 miles north of Covington, the village sits among rolling hills and towering pines. Some streets and homes in the village boundaries need some TLC.

Patience Pays Off

The Federal Open Market Committee is taking it slow in determining the future adjustments to the federal fund rates.The Fed’s monetary policy is reacting on the conservative side but the ooutcome will be a positive for the 2019 housing market.

Insight For The 2019 Housing Market

The economy and the real estate market go hand in hand. If the housing market cools then the financial sector is hit with an ice storm. Last year the housing market held up while other global economic sectors took a