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Things To Know About The Home Builders Warranty

Buying a new home can be both exciting and nerve racking. So many decisions can make or break a deal. If you are planning on purchasing a new construction home, you should definitely require a builders home warranty. Not all

Patience Pays Off

The Federal Open Market Committee is taking it slow in determining the future adjustments to the federal fund rates.The Fed’s monetary policy is reacting on the conservative side but the ooutcome will be a positive for the 2019 housing market.

Insight For The 2019 Housing Market

The economy and the real estate market go hand in hand. If the housing market cools then the financial sector is hit with an ice storm. Last year the housing market held up while other global economic sectors took a

Smart Steps to Take When Buying Your First Home

The first-time home buyer’s nightmare is to fall in love with a home, make an offer and find out that your dream home was every other first-time home buyer’s dream home.  After making numerous offers, it can seem like and

Renting vs. Buying…

The Great Recession that began in 2007 caused a major housing crisis.  Many are not to blame when they shy away from owning a home. There are many benefits to owning a home that outweigh the negative. Long-term security and

Don’ts to Landscaping Your Home

Good curb appeal is a plus when selling your home.  In fact, attractive landscaping can add up to 28% overall value to your home. There is a fine line between too much and too little landscaping which could lead to