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FHA-Backed Loans: Majority of Non-Conventional Financing In 2017

There are several forms of non-conventional financing including FHA (loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration), VA (loans guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs), cash purchases, Rural Housing Service (loans and grants backed by the Single-Family Housing

Construction Job Openings Increase

The Great Recession that began in 2007 hit the construction industry hard.  Many jobs were lost and countless construction workers had to change their line of work. Fortunately, since the end of the Great Recession, the amount of open construction

New Construction Homes Are High in Demand

The National Home Builders Association reported that the number of owner households has been rising since the third quarter of 2016. New construction homes are rising in demand. This demand comes from the slow gain of new residential construction over

Conventional Loan Shares Are On The Rise

In 2008 conventional loans made up three-quarters of new home sales and steadily fell to only 57.3% in 2010.  Fortunately reports show a steady increase since 2010 and shares in conventional mortgages have been above 71% over the past two

July 2018 Member Spotlight: David Waltemath

ULI Louisiana News July 2018 Member Spotlight: David Waltemath   ULI member David L. Waltemath ranks among the top residential developers in the New Orleans metro area. ULI recently sat down with David, Scott and Kelly Waltemath to profile their

More Places for Residents to Live in Covington

Covington, a charming southern community surrounded by three rivers, is a growing area with a wonderful mix of shops, galleries, boutiques and restaurants.  Covington offers everything from water outdoor adventures to cultural events.  With an influx of new residents, Covington